Resembling a teardrop -shaped, gold-fringed emerald set on the blue bosom of the Indian Ocean, it lies pendant from the southernmost tip of the subcontinent between 5 55'-9 50' north and 79 42'-81 52' east.
   A mere 270 miles (435km) north-south from point Pedro to Dondara Head and 140 miles (225km) across at its widest, it contains within its compact 25,332 square miles
(65,610 an unparalleled diversity of scenic sights, sounds and scents, colorful ceremonies and quaint customs, culture and crafts, monolithic ruins and titanic monuments of a civilization both ancient and modern, a multitude of climes and ecosystems from tropical rainforest to sub alpine evergreen, rich farm lands to arid scrub jungle, extravagant fauna and flora, wonderful wilderness and wildlife, plus over 700 miles (1125 km) of pristine palm-fringed shoreline where one can swim, surf, snorkel, sail or simply soak up the sun…All within a short 6 hour drive at most, one from another.

  "Truly making Sri Lanka a microcosm of the world"