Matara / Dickwella / Tangalle
Matara  - 160 km from Colombo, Is the third largest town in the country. The Nilwala river flows by the Dutch fort to the sea here, Polhena beach is known for its reef and coral. Dondra Head is the southernmost point of the country with great elevation, rocky edges and beach for swimming.
Dondra Head is unique as it is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka and amazingly there is nothing between the Antarctic and Dondara Head.

Dikwella a small town 20 Km south of Matara is well known for its wide sandy beach around the big Dickwella bay. The main attraction of Dickwella is the “Hummanaya” blowhole which is 6 Km northeast of the town and the Dickwella village resort is great hideaway and also famous for good food if you are in this part of the country. Dickwella meaning “long beach”, has a large extent of beach lands for sale. The beaches west of Dickwella have a reddish sand unlike the other parts of the country. Further east Nilwella is proud of its Bluest blue ocean and clean white beaches. Here the coast line is a couple of kilometers off the main road.

Tangalle 195 km from Colombo, is one of the nicest spots along the coast. towards the west is a whole series of small bays, but it shelves off very steeply. The resulting waves make them dangerous for swimmers if there is any sort of tidal current.


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